Divine Mercy

It's 3 o'clock somewhere

Welcome and Peace!

As we look around the world today, we may ask ourselves if there has ever been a greater need for God's mercy.  Wars, violence, lies, manipulation, and out of control selfishness seem to dominate the world.

But, as always, God has a plan.  He is drenching the world in His mercy, if only we will turn to him.

At Divine Mercy Ministries, our mission is to bring the mercy of God to a hurting world and we invite you to be part of the ministry!  Here are just a couple of ways to do so in as little as 5 seconds!

  • 10 minutes - Learn to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and join us in praying it regularly. 
  • 7 minutes - Add a link to Divine Mercy Ministries to your website (www.divinemercyministries.org)
  • 3 minutes - Visit our Facebook page, become a fan, and "like" and comment on posts.
  • 1 minute - Sign up to be a Divine Mercy Prayer Warrior
  • 5 seconds - Pray "Jesus, I trust in You!"

Jesus, I Trust in You!

Catholics Come Home

This Lent we're running a campaign to encouraged fallen away Catholics and others interested in the Catholic faith to learn more and (re)turn to the faith!  Our ads are running on Facebook and Google.  You click here to see our Catholics Come Home page.

If you would like to support this effort, please make a donation to help us reach as many people as possible!
  • "I attended a Divine Mercy Ministries retreat a few years ago and it changed my life. For years I had been struggling and not able to forgive someone who had hurt me very badly...."
    Retreat Attendee
    Forgiveness at last