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Prayer Requests for September 23, 2013

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 23, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Carlos - For healing of my marriage and peace in my family.


Lucyanne - Prayer for God's will in a custody battle.


P - Prayers for my baby Violet


Hector - For my ex-wife to return to the church and for my children who desperately need you.


Georgia - Please pray for all those affected by Typhoon Usagi.


Janet - Asking for prayers for my daughter who has Ehler Danlos Syndrome, she is bedridden and on some

days the pain and fatigue are very extreme.  Her brain is not being supported by her spine anymore.

She needs a restoration of her physical and mental health and her faith.


Jesus, we trust in You!


Your Saturday Prayer Warrior Mission

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 21, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

David - Holy mother of God. I humbly ask, that my daughters health problems will disappear.

Holy mother I sincerely ask for your intercession in this matter.


Sally - Please pray for F.Guzman who was just diagnosed with prostrate cancer. His family believes that all is possible with prayer and faith.


Joseph - In Colorado the water tables have been effected by oil spills and fracking underground water is being disrupted and will effect the drinking water to the middle of the country. So I ask for prayer to solve this.


Jayne - Offering my prayer in thanksgiving that my daughter's (Stefanie) lumpectomy surgery yesterday was successful. Her surgeon said the cancer was removed. She does have to have radiation for a short period of time but as a precautionary measure. Thanks be to God and thanks for all of the prayers for her. God is Good! Thank you and God Bless!

Jesus, we trust in You!

9/19/2013 Prayer Warrior Mission

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 19, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Anonymous - To be freed from satanic oppression.


Debi - For my daughter and grandchildren in legal struggles.


Carmen - For an abusive situation and financial concerns.


Nancy - For a friend with a lung disease.


Ty - For family reunification and restoration.


Nancy - For Amedi, who has MS and is alone.


Diane - For the restoration of an old relationship.


Suliano - For healing for my friend Mario.

The 9/18/13 Prayer Mission is Here!

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 18, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Nancy - Please pray for my friend who had bowel surgery today. She has been ill for years and the surgery is important for future health. Blessings to all who pray.


Sally - Katy healing in every way in all thanksgiving.


Anonymous - Two prayer requests.


Jayne - Please pray for my daughter, Stefanie, who will undergo a lumpectomy on Wednesday followed by 5 weeks of radiation.  Please pray for my daughter, Monica, who will undergo surgery on 9/24 to remove a uterine polyp.  Thank you for all your prayers.  God Bless!


Michael - For my daughter who has battled a drug addition, is now addicted to prescription drugs and has turned away from our family. May the Lord touch her heart and bring her in contact with someone that will influence her and inspire her to change her life.

Your prayer mission for 9/17/13

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 17, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Nancy - Please pray for my daughter Mina. She has started to disbelieve in God, and claims she is a Witch.


James - I need your strongest prayers. I am a Christian and I know that God can make miracles come true. Four and a half years ago I was falsely accused by my ex-wife of causing an injury to my then four year old child. The allegations were untrue but I was finally acquitted three years later. However, my relationship was not restored. My side was told that my son was autistic and the courts did not help me. Finally, I have another court date on September 23rd and I ask for your prayers to have my relationship reestablished with my son. I desire a real relationship with him. I have also learned of a health problem I have involving my stomach and the inside of my mouth. Unfortunately I do not have the money to fix the problem. I pray for a way to try and fix my health concerns. Thank you so much and may God Bless each one of you.


Kevin - Please Pray for the lord to heal Laveena's heart and give her the strength to overcome her struggles and troubles she's facing and transform her life to love trust and be loved again!


Nini - That my husband will receive a kidney donor soon and that his kidney condition will not worsen. Consequently, that his body will not reject the kidney and that that he can recover fast and live normally. If it is God's will and that I am to be the donor, that I may recover quickly so I can take care of my husband and children, and provide for them too.


Teresa - asking for prayers for my ex-daughter-in-law ; that she turn away from sin & witchcraft . Also need prayers for me & my husband, we are moving to Colo. and need help.


Mike - For relief of severe shoulder pain for my father Anthony. He had back surgery last Thursday and it has aggravated his left shoulder bursitis. He is 91 and should not gave to suffer like this. Thanks in advance.


Rachel - Lord, help me. I've been waiting for this. God, please show your goodness.Show that you care, Lord. I know you say you won't give us more than we can handle, but I am at my limit walking the cliff line for what seems 4 months now.  God, I want to get back together with Aaron. I want him, I can't get over him, I miss him. I realize it sounds juvenile, but Lord. I want him. If he's not supposed to be there, I want the right one, whoever my future husband is. It's my 29th birthday on Saturday, and I'm still not married. Everything seemed perfect, and it was all of a sudden taken away. I know I had told God I wanted to "do it right" this time, and God it hurts so bad to not have a male companion for support. I am thankful for everything you are doing and I praise you for what you are doing. Lord, please hear me and help me.


Nancy - Finances, all the people in mental hospitals in Va they need all the help they can get


Lillie - My daughter and her husband are being sued by a neighbor over an addition that they added to their house. All plans were approved by the City of Austin, Texas and they proceeded with their building and remodel. After the exterior was completed their neighbor filed a grievance.and continues to find something wrong with everything they want to do. Most of the addition will have to be torn down and rebuilt. My daughter has had to hire an attorney. Their savings, the children's college fund, plus their checking account is gone. They have borrowed all they could from my husband and I, yet the neighbor won't give up. She continues to find something wrong with every new plan they have had to pay to get drawn up.. They haven't been able to live in their house since May of this year. They are living in a borrowed condo that is an hour away from their home and work. They took the oldest granddaughter out her preschool because of the long commute. Every day some new demand from the neighbor is requested yet it is not considered harassment. The attorney says it is legal pressure. I am worried about my daughter's health, her marriage, and especially my grandchildren. I have prayed for months that the neighbor will back off but to no avail. I am loosing faith and that scares me. Please pray for my daughter and her family and please pray for the neighbor. She obviously has no soul. I am scared for them. Thank you so very much. I don't know where else to turn.


Anonymous - For my father who has severe back pain and also has problems with overeating, that he may fine physical and spiritual healing and peace.  For my husband, that he may find meaningful work that makes him happy and enables him to support our family.  Also that he might be able to sleep.  For myself, that I might heal and forgive completely all of the wounds that people have inflicted on me in my life.  May the memory of these wounds help me to be compassionate and gentle toward others.  For strength for myself as I am now having to carry our family, at least financially if not in other ways as well. 


Jesus, we trust in You!


September 16th Prayer Warrior Mission

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 16, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Joslyn - I had to leave a very abusive marriage and my husband is dividing the family. he is playing good cop, bad cop and is keeping the girls away from me. |I am asking that the 14 year old return home and that their dad no longer divide us and that I win full custody of my children.


Vanessa - For my relationship with Jamon which is going through much struggle, for both our financial stress. I am in need of a job asap so I don't lose my apt, I struggle with my esteem and a drug dependency. I am a good soul, love art, music people animals. I want to be a healer. Also for the health of my friend Yesenia with this too much? I need strength from angels, God, as I have to surrender to jail Sept 25th for a DUI. God please forgive my sins! I am growing and healing daily. I love life and don't want to feel pain anymore! Thank you! For everything, for my life.


Nancy - Pray for all the people in mental hospitals in the state of Va they need all the help they can get.  I have to give all my money away each month to help my grand kids, so, I have nothing left to pay my own bills please pray for help financially for me. I have tried everything! help please!


Caterina - Please allow a man I know to forsake his marital affair and come back to his wife and children.


Beverly - Please pray for safety in my neighborhood. Pray that the trouble making people will leave and find somewhere else to live. Please restore peace, love and beauty to our neighborhood.


David - For the souls in purgatory.


Teresa - Asking for prayers for me & my husband our marriage is having trouble right now; also asking for prayers for the health an safe birth of our G.Grandson; and would like prayers for our granddaughters to turn to  Jesus & church.


Margarita - Bring my ex boyfriend back.


Georgia - Peace in the Middle East and the world!


William - Mother's health.


Sally - I would like to pray for the salvation of souls and vocations to the priesthood and religious life.


Jim - please pray for the salvation of Katrina and her deliverance from her childhood of astrology, the Buddhist religion and witchcraft.


Joanne - For Anna deliverance and repentance and return.  Derek Holy Spirit ministry.  Anthony Holy Spirit Baptism.  Billy finances.  Vernon increase in business.


Jesus, we trust in You!


Prayer Warrior Mission 9/15/13

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 15, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Divine Mercy Ministries - for our local archbishop, who had a stroke.


Jeannine - i need healing in my body am suffering with a lot of pains in my joints thank you so much.


Marcella - Please pray for my husband, asking God and our blessed Mother to help him to overcome his alcohol habit.


Sally - I ask Jesus to grant to bring a husband to Katy N. and Sally H. with all thanksgiving in our hearts. A vocation to help others and peace and conversion in this world in all thanksgiving for all our blessings.


Connie - for all those in the floods in Colorado.


Sandra - Divine Mercy, we need your mercy. The world is in trouble....


Joseph - Let us pray for all the people of Colorado and New Mexico who have lost their homes and livestock and human life . I don't blame the rain ,because we need the water, but help all the farmers and those who are displace at this time .


Betty - For our son who is going to take his medical board exam today sept 14 at 12pm pray he does well.


Arlene - I would like you to pray for my granddaughter Cheanne, she just had a baby and is going through a rough time in her life due to the choices she makes,and the men she goes to,please pray that God will direct her path and she will return to God for all her needs and not what she thinks she needs. Thank s In Advance

Mission for 9/14/13

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 14, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Tyrone - Please pray for healing reconciliation and protection for my marriage


Pat - I am desperate for St. Jude to intercede to Jesus my behalf to protect me from losing my job and for forgiveness for my stupid and selfish mistakes and bad decisions made in my youth. Please protect my employment. if my husband and family have to suffer from mistakes I don't know if I can live with it. St. Jude and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear and answer my urgent and desperate prayer. Amen


Jean - Please pray for my son Julian that his reprimand at work is removed and he is promoted at his job and is able to keep his job. Thank you Divine Mercy Prayer group.


Jayne - Please pray for my daughters, Stefanie and Monica, both of whom will undergo surgery this month. Stefanie will have a cancerous tumor removed from her breast; Monica will have a uterine polyp removed. Pray for God's healing for both of them. Thank you and God Bless!


Jayne - Pray for the repose of the soul of Yvonne Halbur who was killed in a horrible traffic accident on 9-9, and pray for God's blessing upon her husband, Deacon Richard Halbur, and the Halbur Family. A great and spiritual lady was called by God that He needs her in Heaven.


Christina - I pray that I find my purpose in this life.

Jesus, we trust in You!

Prayer Warrior Mission 9/10/13

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 10, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Pope Francis - Continued prayers for peace in the world.


Nancy - Please pray for my friend who has an incurable rare disease.


Jan - Healing for my marriage , healing and conversion for my husband and for myself to make the right decisions to stay or leave and the strength to do either.


Jayne - For my daughter, Stefanie, who has just been diagnosed with breast CA that she will be healed of this this horrible disease.  For my daughter, Monica, who will be undergoing a surgical procedure on September 24th for a uterine growth that all with go well and growth will be a benign one.


Lelia - Heal my husband, Keith, physically, spiritually, and mentally, and our daughters, too.


Jesus, we trust in You!


Your Monday Morning Mission

Posted by Divine Mercy Ministries on September 9, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Pope Francis - Continued prayers for peace in the world.


Hector -


Lord I give you my worst

So that my heart may burn

And be made a new

So that you may quench my thirst

That for you it so desperately yearns

I hand to you my broken past

And all my hurts

So you may teach me to be last

So in your eyes I'm first

Drench me in your love that forever last

And re focus the blurs


I surrender upon your feet

To feel your love that I seek

And your light brings me to my knees

And joyfully I forever will praise thee.



Jesus, we trust in You!



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