It's 3 o'clock somewhere


Quotes The Baby Eleni when she born with complication on her head like a bit handicapped so we pray for her healing I thanks God and hear our prayer , Quotes
Baby Eleni was sick

Quotes This was my first time at a Divine Ministries retreat and while the retreat wasn't very long --- it had a powerful impact. It was a wonderful experience to join together with other Catholic women to worship, praise and learn. The material was well presented and the camaraderie and joy were contagious. I came away refreshed and renewed in my spirit --- and looking forward to next year. Blessings on all who made it such a memorable weekend and thanksgiving for the beautiful and healing spirit Father Kerr brought to our time together. Ann Marie "A happy retreat camper" Quotes
Ann Marie Coates

Quotes This is my second time attending the Divine Mercy Retreat. It is a simply amazing retreat. I recommend it for anyone. It has deepened my faith and prayer life. I can hardly wait for next year's retreat! Jesus I trust in you!! Quotes
Blessed Retreat Attendee

Quotes I was very disappointed when I missed my first opportunity to attend a "Divine Mercy Retreat". When I heard of the next one, I made sure that I wouldn't miss it again. Karla is a wonderful leader and her love for Jesus, is very contagious. I felt loved and welcomed by her and all the other women at the retreat. It was very comforting to be able to share my crosses in my life, yet, I knew that I wouldn't be judged. With the retreat, my faith in Jesus has grown and I yearn for more... I have learned that I need to accept and be thankful to our Lord, Jesus Christ for every single pain and joy in my life. And with acceptance, I am living my life with all the peace that Jesus grants me. I can't say enough, how much "Divine Mercy Ministries", have helped with the "fire" in my heart for our amazing, loving, merciful, and forgiving Jesus Christ. Thank you Karla!!! Quotes
Growing in Faith

Quotes Karla's zeal and joy in the Lord is contagious and uplifting. You leave with a renewed sense of power and refreshed peace. Quotes

Quotes Divine Mercy Ministries are amazing. The ladies who present are amazing, and so knowledgeable. It's a wonderful, faith filled weekend! It will change your life, it changed mine! God is great, and he is present everywhere, especially at the Divine Mercy Ministries Retreats! Quotes
Divine Mercy Ministries is amazing

Quotes I attended a Divine Mercy Ministries retreat a few years ago and it changed my life. For years I had been struggling and not able to forgive someone who had hurt me very badly. After the Divine Mercy Ministries retreat I was finally able to forgive from my heart by the grace of God! Quotes
Retreat Attendee
Forgiveness at last

Quotes Late one night, a friend in need asked for prayer for her young niece who was pregnant. Her parents were forcing her to have an abortion although she wanted to keep her baby. The appt was scheduled early in the morning, and I was a bit scared a prayer chain could not get started in such short time. In my own doubt, I was afraid the message would not be reached, I acted in faith. Divine Mercy Ministries not only got a prayer chain started but was very concerned about the situation. The outpouring response was more than what I thought could be reached. What we have in mind, God always shows he has a better plan. Caring people prayed for this young girl, a complete stranger, and God answered. Not only did the mom turn around that morning, but decided to get her daughter medical attention and advise to keep the baby. I doubted God would hear my prayers, and I doubted God would put enough willing people to pray, but one again, he and like always he never fails. Quotes
Zonia Flores