It's 3 o'clock somewhere

Using the internet to spread the Good News

The internet is key to much of the work that we do at Divine Mercy Ministries.  In addition to the retreats and music we provide, we engage in e-vangelization.

What is E-Vangelization?

E-Vangelization is the use of technology to spread the Good News that Jesus Christ came to save us, He forgives us and wishes to extend mercy to us, and He loves us beyond measure.

We continue to expand our online engagement in a variety of ways:

  • Website - Our website spreads the message of Divine Mercy and engages visitors to lift them up, increase their faith, and calls them to build the flame of Christian love by spreading engaging with other Divine Mercy Ministries "fans."
  • Divine Mercy Army - Launched in August 2013, we began the Divine Mercy Army project.  The project invites people to become Divine Mercy Prayer Warriors. Prayer warriors receive an e-mail each day with a list of prayer requests that we have received on our Facebook page and website.
  • Facebook - We maintain a lively Facebook page where we post timely and engaging materials about the Catholic Faith.  We also sponsor Facebook ads, especially to promote Divine Mercy in advance of Divine Mercy Sunday.  As of August 2013, we have over 7,300 fans.
  • Twitter - We send updates to Twitter, especially with prayer requests.