It's 3 o'clock somewhere

It's 3 o'clock somewhere! Can you find where in the world it is 3 PM this very minute?

Have some fun and try and find where it is 3 PM in the world this very minute!

Move your mouse over the globes to highlight local times. 

You are looking for a time that starts with 15 (on a 24 hour clock, 3 PM is 1500 hours.)

Why 3 PM?

It has been a long-standing Christian tradition to hold sacred the 3 PM hour in honor of the hour during which Christ died on the cross for our sins.  Praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet is particularly encouraged at 3 PM for this purpose, begging mercy for the world during this hour. 

Our slogan - "It's 3 o'clock somewhere" - recognizes the global impact and participation that Divine Mercy Ministries has.  We have Divine Mercy Prayer Warriors from all around the world! 

Some people can't pray the chaplet at 3 PM.  We encourage them to pray it whenever they can!  And, now with this handy clock, you we can unite ourselves spiritually around the the world wherever it happens to be 3 PM. 

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