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November - To pray for the living and the dead.

Each month we highlight a work of mercy and encourage our followers to take some extra time during the month to practice this work of mercy.

In November, our work of mercy is:  To pray for the living and the dead.

There are many ways that people can actively take part in this work of mercy, even if they are home bound.  Our world is definitely in need of prayer.  You can pray for your family.  Your friends.  Your neighbors.  You community.  Your state.  Your country.  Our world.  You can pray for those who have gone before us but who still may need our prayers. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a prayer calendar - Write the name of a loved one - living or dead - that you will pray for each day this month. 
  • Begin a practice of prayer - If you don't have a regular prayer habit, start one this month focusing on praying for others.  You might set a certain time each day and start with 2-5 minutes of prayer.
  • Create "prayer actions" - pick one or two activities in your day and say a prayer each time you do them.  For example, each time you go in your house you could offer a Hail Mary for the homeless, or each time you open the fridge, offer a prayer for the hungry.
  • Cemetery prayer walk - Find a cemetery and walk through it, stopping at each grave marker that you pass and offering a prayer for the deceased.
  • Join or organize a prayer group - Join your church's prayer chain group or, if there isn't one, start one for your church. (Get permission from your priest or pastor.)
  • Sleepless prayer - When you wake up in the middle of the night, offer prayers for peace until you fall back asleep.
  • Fasting - Jesus often couples prayer with fasting.  Choose a day or two each week or skip a meal.  Spend the extra time praying for those who need prayer.
  • Mass - Go to Mass or church on Sundays if you don't already.  If Catholic, try to go to Mass an extra day or two during the month.  You might go to daily Mass on Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, or a Saturday.

We invite you to join us this month and take some extra time to pray for the living and the dead. 

Divine Mercy Prayer Warriors

One way to pray for the living and the dead is to become a Divine Mercy Prayer Warrior.  We accept prayer requests and send them out to our prayer warriors.

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