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Copyright and Usage Information

Many thanks to Eric Vardeman, from whom I "borrowed" most of this copyright and usage information.  Check out his website at

Normal Usage

Feel free to use the information from this site whenever and however you want. Photocopy them 100 times, translate them into German, wallpaper your house with them…whatever. If you use something, all I ask is that you leave the credits and copyright information on them. I also ask that you send me an email and let me know what information or songs you’re using and how.  If you do use something from Divine Mercy Ministries, we do ask that you consider making a donation ~big or small~ to help us continued this work.  However - no payment is ever required. 


If by some stretch of the imagination you want to record one of these songs…give me a minute while I pick my jaw up off the floor. I consider it a great honor when this happens and all I ask in return to let me know that you are doing it and to pray for the success of Divine Mercy Ministries, especially a Divine Mercy Chaplet. 

“Are you serious?”

Why do I choose to “do business” this way? Simple. We’re brothers and sisters in Christ. We live under the new covenant of the blood of Christ. That being true, we should deal with each other in such a manner. That means not turning one another into business entities and not treating our dealings with one another as business transactions. This isn’t an indictment on anyone else. This is just what I believe and feel like the Lord has led me to do. I’m upholding my end of the covenant relationship like this:

  • I’m giving you my covenant word that I will deal with you fairly and justly and will not deal with you treacherously or maliciously in regards to the use of one of these songs, retreats, etc. (that means I’m not going to sue you or take legal action at some point down the road if you start making loads of cash from some of our materials.) 

I expect you to uphold your end of the covenant relationship like this:

  • You give me your covenant word that you’ll deal with me in like manner (that means you’ll do right by me if you make loads of cash off one of these songs or some of our materials.) 

There won’t be any contracts; just your word and mine (see James 5:12 and Matthew 5:37). We have such a great cloud of witnesses around us (friends, pastoral staffs, accountability partners, etc.) that this should be enough. If you can’t handle that, you’ll probably need to use someone else's materials.

The Lord bless you and keep you,

Karla Krautscheid ~ Jesus, I trust in You!